Sting Operation in California: 21 Suspected Child Traffickers, Including 5 Indians, Arrested

Rozana Spokesman

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The Operation was termed "Operation Bad Barbie" by the California Department of Justice

Sting Operation in California

CALIFORNIA: In a Major Breakthrough, law enforcement agencies in Kern County have executed a meticulously planned operation resulting in the arrest of 21 alleged child traffickers, among them 5 Indian nationals. The suspects stand accused of disseminating explicit materials to lure minors into their clutches and subsequently subjecting them to sexual exploitation. The concerted efforts spanned from August 9 to 12, leading to the apprehension of these individuals.

District Attorney Cynthia Zimmer, spearheading the operation, divulged that the enforcement agencies in Kern County, in collaboration with Bakersfield Law Enforcement, brought the suspected traffickers to justice. The press conference hosted by Cynthia Zimmer and law enforcement officials aimed to shed light on the operation, termed "Operation Bad Barbie" by the California Department of Justice. The initiative targeted the dire issue of child abduction and human trafficking.

The suspects, namely Salvador Salcedo (56), Daniel Hernandez (36), Diego Gonzalez (36), Jose Trejo (33), Jaswinder Singh (35), Joginder Singh (54), Ronnie Germain Willy (30), Alberto Rodriguez (23), Antonio Romero Jr. (30), William Alfredo Perez Sandoval (26), Minor Velasquez (38), Rolando Lopez (23), Rajinder Paul Singh (54), Michael Peter Murtala (43), Nishan Singh (33), Ally Robert Wilson (29), Ricky Travon Walker (40), Devon Paul Taylor (31), Joshua Jemira Johnson (38), Karnell Singh (44), and Christopher Lee Griner (36), were taken into custody as part of the operation.

Cynthia Zimmer highlighted that the charges against the suspects encompass sending explicit content to minors in an attempt to groom and manipulate them, ultimately culminating in the heinous crime of sexual assault. This operation not only resulted in the apprehension of these individuals but also led to the rescue of three victims from their clutches, providing a glimmer of hope amidst this disturbing scenario.