Hunter Biden Indicted on Federal Weapons Charges, Adding to President Joe Biden's Challenges

Rozana Spokesman  | Amanat Thaper

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Federal Court in Delaware Alleges Illegal Gun Purchase & False Statements About Drug Use in 2018

Joe Biden

WASHINGTON: President Joe Biden faces further challenges as his son, Hunter Biden, has been indicted on federal weapons charges related to his purchase of a gun in 2018. The ongoing investigation, which has been a cause for concern, is now escalating. This comes amidst growing political tensions, with the Speaker of the US Parliament, Kevin McCarthy, recently announcing an impeachment inquiry against the President.

In a federal court in Delaware, an indictment alleges that Hunter Biden, during the gun purchase in question, provided false information about his drug use while attempting to acquire the firearm. Acknowledging his struggle with addiction to crack cocaine during that time, Hunter is accused of illegally purchasing a gun as a drug user, a violation of federal law.

Notably, The situation places additional pressure on President Joe Biden, who is already grappling with a myriad of challenges both domestically and internationally. The coming weeks will undoubtedly see heightened scrutiny as legal proceedings unfold, impacting both the Biden administration and the broader political landscape.