Covid-19 Update: Coronavirus is back! Face Mask Mandatory At Airports in Singapore and Indonesia

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Coronavirus Update: Southeast Asian countries have asked their citizens to wear face masks at the airports again.

Coronavirus Update

Covid-19 India, Coronavirus, Latest News Update: Covid-19 cases have been rising rapidly in several Southeast Asian countries. Likewise, these countries have started imposing several restrictions to avoid any untoward situation. No one wants to see waves again and, thus, these countries have started taking precautionary measures in advance.  

According to information, international travelers and locals in these Southeast Asian countries have been asked to wear face masks at the airports again. Likewise, there will also be a temperature scanner at the airports. These countries are taking these measures to slow down the variety of germs, like COVID variants, flu, pneumonia, and other respiratory pathogens, potentially able to stress the healthcare system.

Covid-19 Singapore Latest News Update:

The Ministry of Health, Singapore, stated that the rise in cases could be due to various factors, including waning population immunity and increased travel and community interactions during the year-end travel. 

Covid-19 Indonesia Latest News Update:

The Union Health Ministry in Indonesia has asked its citizens to avoid their travel plans to areas reporting a surge in COVID-19 cases. They have also asked people to ensure two-dose vaccination, wear masks, wash their hands and stay home if they fall sick.

Covid-19 Malaysia Latest News Update:

Coronavirus cases in Malaysia have almost doubled in a week. The cases increased to 6,796 in the week ended December 2 while the numbers were 3,626 in the previous week. Therefore, the Malaysian Authorities have said the spread was under control and that it wasn't troubling the healthcare system.

Covid-19 India Latest News Update:

COVID-19 Update: India reportedly recorded 237 new cases of coronavirus, with active cases rising to 1,185, as per Union Health Ministry data updated on Thursday. The death toll has reached 5,33,309, as per the data updated at 8 am on Thursday. India's Covid-19 tally has reached 4.50 crore (4,50,03,830) while the number of people who have recovered from the disease has also increased to 4,44,69,336. India's recovery rate stands at 98.81 percent. 

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