Hindu Minor Allegedly Kidnapped in Pakistan, Family Suspects Religious Conversion

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13-year-old Hindu girl is reportedly abducted in Pak, Distressed family seeking justice

Hindu Minor

ISLAMABAD: In yet another distressing incident highlighting the oppression faced by Hindu families in Pakistan, a 13-year-old Hindu girl, Radha Meghwar, has allegedly been kidnapped in Tando Muhammad Khan of Sindh province. The incident, which occurred about six days ago, has raised concerns within the community and has left the victim's family desperate for help.

The alleged abduction was reportedly carried out by a group of individuals, including Tharo Kashkheli, the son of a Muslim family residing in the area. The family of the victim suspects that their daughter might have been forcefully converted to Islam and subsequently married without her consent. Despite their continuous efforts to seek assistance from the police over the past six days, no substantial action has been taken, leaving them in a state of distress and frustration.

The victim's family approached the Sindh Police, urging them to intervene and assist in the case. An FIR (First Information Report) was filed, but to their dismay, there has been no significant effort made to rescue the girl or apprehend the alleged culprits involved in the abduction.

Regrettably, this incident sheds light on a broader issue concerning the treatment of Hindu families in the region. It is reported that such cases of abduction and mistreatment are not isolated, with extremists targeting both unmarried and married Hindu women. The affected families are left grappling with the distressing reality that their loved ones are subjected to such heinous acts, reflecting a grave concern for the safety and security of minority communities in Pakistan.