Sensational Revelation: Skeletons Presented in Mexico's Parliament Spark Debate on Alien Life

Rozana Spokesman  | Amanat Thaper

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UFOlogist Claims Ancient, Alien Skeletons Found in Peru's Cusco Mine

Skeleton Presented in Mexico's Parliament

MEXICO: The Mexican Parliament was abuzz with intrigue as two mummy-like skeletons, believed to be between 700 to 1800 years old, were presented, sparking sensational claims of their extraterrestrial origins. UFOlogist Jaime Mawson introduced these remarkable specimens, contending that they were discovered in a mine located in Cusco, Peru, back in 2017. These claims have been bolstered by carbon dating, which indicates their age, as well as DNA tests that unequivocally establish their non-human nature.

These Enigmatic skeletons exhibit distinctive features, boasting three fingers on each hand and foot. Notably, their skulls are elongated, and their bones remarkably lightweight. An X-ray examination conducted in the Mexican Parliament further unveiled the presence of peculiar contents in their stomachs, including eggs and rare metals like cadmium and osmium.

Even more intriguing is the revelation that their genetic makeup differs by approximately 30% from that of humans. The presentation of these extraordinary findings has made Mexico the first country to officially acknowledge the potential presence of extraterrestrial beings on Earth.

Accompanying this disclosure was the presence of retired American Major David Bush, who asserted that the United States possesses evidence of alien existence. Bush had been in attendance when Mawson exhibited the skeletons to Mexican government officials and their American counterparts.

It is worth mentioning here that Mawson's history is primarily associated with UFOs and claims related to extraterrestrial life. In 2017, he claimed to have discovered five alien mummies, which were subsequently determined to be human infants, raising questions about the authenticity of these latest findings. The revelation has ignited fervent debates about the possibility of life beyond Earth.