Who is Fusa Tatsumi? Here's Everything You Need to Know About World's 2nd Oldest Woman

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Japan Mourns the Loss of Its Oldest Living Person, Recognized for Remarkable Longevity

Who is Fusa Tatsumi

Who is Fusa Tatsumi: In a poignant moment for Japan and the world, Fusa Tatsumi, the second-oldest woman globally and Japan's oldest living person, peacefully passed away at the age of 116 in a nursing home in Kashiwara. The Supercentenarian, who experienced two world wars and multiple pandemics, succumbed to old age on Tuesday, December 12, shortly after eating her favorite meal, bean-paste jelly.

Tatsumi's passing follows the demise of Kane Tanaka, who held the title of the world's oldest person until last year at the age of 119, officially recognized by Guinness World Records in April 2022. Fusa Tatsumi became Japan's oldest living person and the 27th person in history to reach the remarkable age of 116, a feat achieved by only seven other Japanese individuals.

Who is Fusa Tatsumi?

Born in 1907, Tatsumi led a rich life, raising three children with her husband, a farmer, in Osaka. Despite recent years spent in a nursing home, she remained engaged with life, regularly showcasing a remarkable spirit. Reports reveal that Tatsumi had enjoyed good health throughout her life, with no significant health issues except for a fall in her 70s that resulted in a broken thigh bone.

Tatsumi's interests included gardening, and she pursued the art of the Japanese tea ceremony and flower arrangement after completing elementary school. Even at the age of 106, she continued to express her love for gardening until entering the nursing home.

Her eldest son, Kanji, 76, expressed his sentiments to local media, stating, '''I think she did great to get to this age,'' after the passing of the Supercentenarian.

Osaka governor Hirofumi Yoshimura conveyed condolences on social media, reminiscing about a celebration held in September to mark Tatsumi's longevity. Japan, known for its high life expectancies, has been home to several individuals recognized as among the oldest humans to have ever lived, with Fusa Tatsumi leaving behind a legacy of resilience and a life well-lived.

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