Israeli PM Netanyahu Issues Stark Warning: 'Every Member of Hamas Certain to Face Consequences

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Formation of 'Govt of National Emergency' Declared as Israel Gears Up for Unified Response Against Hamas Attacks

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

TEL AVIV: In the ongoing Israel-Hamas conflict, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has delivered a stern warning, asserting that every member associated with Hamas is now certain to face severe consequences. This announcement came during a joint press conference held with Foreign Minister Yoav Galant, ex-IDF, and Defense Minister Benny Gantz, where they declared the formation of a 'Government of National Emergency,' uniting various political factions in a collective response.

Prime Minister Netanyahu emphasized unity in the face of adversity, stating, "The Jewish nation (Israel) is one, and now its leadership will also be united." Expressing the gravity of the situation, Netanyahu referred to the brutalities committed by terrorist organizations, highlighting the need for collective action to safeguard their homes and families. He garnered support from politicians worldwide for this unified effort.

Netanyahu affirmed Israel's resolve to protect its citizens and combat the threat posed by Hamas. He declared, "We have become the aggressor. Every member associated with Hamas is certain to face consequences. The whole of Israel stands with its soldiers, and we will prevail." Defense Minister Benny Gantz emphasized the unity and common purpose behind this collaboration, labeling it a "partnership of destiny" rather than a political alliance.

The Formation of the 'Government of National Emergency' signals a unified front, bringing together diverse political parties to address the crisis with a cohesive strategy. As the conflict escalates, Israel is bolstering its approach to ensure the safety and security of its citizens while sending a clear message of resilience against terrorist threats.