Hurricane Daniel & Torrential Rains Ravage Libya, 150 Dead & 200 Missing

Rozana Spokesman

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Health Minister Reports Dire Consequences of the Devastating Storm


TRIPOLI: Libya has been plunged into chaos as Hurricane Daniel and incessant rainfall wreak havoc across the nation, resulting in a catastrophic toll of more than 150 lives lost and over 200 individuals reported missing. Health Minister Abdul Jalil issued a grim assessment of the situation, emphasizing the challenges faced by rescue operations amid heavy rain and stormy winds.

-- Eastern Libya Suffers Severe Power Outages & Building Collapses

The Eastern Region of the country has been hit the hardest, with thousands of households enduring a two-day-long electricity outage. Tragically, an old building's collapse claimed the lives of all 12 residents. Faced with this escalating crisis, the government has declared a state of emergency in numerous areas.

The Catastrophe has been increased by unrelenting rainfall in Libya over the course of five days. However, the situation took a perilous turn over the weekend as powerful winds swept across the country, giving rise to devastating floods in major urban centers. The eastern part of Libya has borne the brunt of the disaster, with schools, colleges, and government offices remaining shuttered for nearly a week. The inclement weather has further disrupted the functioning of the government, preventing many ministers from reaching their offices.

Hurricane Daniel, the instigator of this calamity, had previously claimed 18 lives in Europe the previous week, leading Libyan authorities to impose a curfew as a precautionary measure. The government cited attempts by certain individuals to exploit the situation as the reason behind this move.

In an unfortunate turn of events, seven soldiers from the Libyan army have lost their lives, and several remain unaccounted for, all of whom were part of a specialized rescue team. An official in Benghazi has described the situation as dire, with the government mobilizing all available resources to safeguard the lives of its citizens. The continued rainfall threatens to elevate the crisis to even more perilous levels.

Notably, Benghazi and Mistra are among the cities experiencing the most severe impact. Libya, a vital oil supplier with four major ports, has temporarily ceased its oil export operations due to the looming danger posed by the ongoing disaster. The United Nations is closely monitoring the deteriorating situation and has pledged immediate assistance. A spokesperson in Cairo affirmed the UN's commitment to providing aid, stating, "We are closely monitoring the situation and stand ready to offer whatever assistance is needed to alleviate the suffering of the Libyan people."