Scientists Discovered a 7,000-year-old Stone Road Buried Under Sea 

Rozana Spokesman

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The Road has been found 4 to 5 meters below sea level: Scientists

Stone Road

Can there be a road under the sea? Sounds a bit strange but the answer is - yes. Scientists have proved it. They have claimed to find a 7000-year-old stone road in the sea. Scientists from the University of Zadar, Croatia, who are researching, have discovered this road on the land of the Mediterranean Sea. They said that the road has been found 4 to 5 meters below sea level. This is a prehistoric road. Scientists have revealed many interesting information about this road in their research.

Scientists stated that a road has been found off the coast of southern Croatia. It is about 7 thousand years old. This road seems to date back to prehistoric times when it was inhabited by the Hawar culture. They say that the interesting thing is how its remains survived in the ocean. The surprising thing about the research is that in the part of the sea where this road was found, there has been very little effect of waves. This is the reason why scientists were able to find its remains easily. Scientists have shared this information on their Facebook page. The post stated that carbon dating and archeology have revealed that there was a settlement here 4900 years ago.

Scientists have claimed in their post that carbon dating has revealed that people were walking on this road from 7000 years ago. It is possible that it was built in the Neolithic Hvar culture. Most of the people of this culture were farmers and shepherds. They lived by the sea. People belonging to other cultures lived around the island. Along with this, the structure built by them is a clear proof.