British PM Rishi Sunak's Down-to-Earth Style Earns Praise, Photo Gets ViralĀ 

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Global Leaders Conclude G-20 Summit in Delhi, Rishi Sunak's Unassuming Approach Stands Out

British PM Rishi Sunak having a conversation with Bangladesh PM Sheikh Hasina

NEW-DELHI: The Two-Day G-20 conference in Delhi concluded on Sunday, with senior leaders from powerful nations around the world converging for this significant summit. Among the notable attendees was British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, whose unique approach during the event has garnered widespread admiration.

-- Appreciation for Rishi Sunak's Relatable Style

Rishi Sunak's interactions at the summit have captivated many, with his relatable and unpretentious behaviour earning accolades. Following the viral image of Sunak sharing an umbrella with his spouse, another picture of him engaging in conversation with Sheikh Hasina is making waves on social media.

In the photograph, Rishi Sunak can be seen sitting cross-legged while conversing with the Prime Minister of Bangladesh, Sheikh Hasina. Although Sheikh Hasina occupies a chair, Sunak's choice to sit on the ground next to her has struck a chord with people.

The Image of Rishi Sunak adopting a humble posture to engage with Sheikh Hasina has rapidly gained traction on the internet. On social media platform 'X' (Formerly called as Twitter), users have described the photo as 'cute' and 'attractive.' One user even hailed Rishi Sunak as a 'gentleman' for his unassuming conduct during the diplomatic exchange.