Several Vehicles Burnt after an Explosion in Milan, Italy

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The Police is investigating the matter

Explosion in Milan, Italy

MILAN: Nearly five cars were burnt after an explosion in the Italian city of Milan on Thursday. According to the police, the explosion took place in a van. This van was deliberately parked near a renowned building. The entire area has been sealed. Reportedly, the van was carrying oxygen canisters, causing domino explosions. 

The matter is being investigated by the police. It is not yet clear what kind of damage has been caused in the blast. Fire and smoke can be seen from a distance. According to the information, the explosion took place in Porta Romana area of Milan.

The fire spread towards apartments and buildings. Firefighters arrived at the area to control the fire. The area has been cordoned off by the police. Taking in view the safety of people, a nearby school and nursing home were evacuated.