Ongoing Conflict: Israel-Hamas War Claims Over 1000 Lives in 2 Days

Rozana Spokesman  | Amanat Thaper

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Conflict's escalation & the subsequent humanitarian crisis remain a matter of global concern

Israel-Hamas War

TEL AVIV: The Israel-Hamas conflict enters its third day, marking a devastating toll on both sides. Recent reports from the BBC indicate that in just 72 hours, 700 Israelis have lost their lives, with another 2100 sustaining injuries. Simultaneously, Israeli airstrikes persist in Gaza, resulting in 413 Palestinian casualties and over 2000 injuries. The conflict has led to an alarming displacement crisis, with the United Nations revealing that 123,000 Gazans have been compelled to flee their homes due to the Israeli attacks. Presently, 74,000 individuals have sought refuge in schools.

Israel has undertaken a robust offensive, targeting 426 Hamas sites in the Gaza Strip and reclaiming 29 areas from the grip of Hamas fighters. Hamas, in retaliation, has taken 163 individuals hostage, encompassing soldiers, women, children, and the elderly. These captives are being held in tunnels along the Gaza Strip, effectively being used as human shields by Hamas to deter Israeli attacks. US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin has affirmed support for Israel, offering naval ships and fighter jets.

-- Global Concerns & Assurance for Indian Community

While the conflict ensues, nations worldwide express their concerns. The Indian Embassy in Tel Aviv confirmed the safety of all 18,000 Indians residing in Israel. Indian tourists have appealed for a secure evacuation through the embassy. Conversely, America, France, Germany, and Ukraine have reported the deaths of their citizens. Nepal's Foreign Minister conveyed that 11 Nepalese students lost their lives, with four sustaining injuries. Hamas, in a distressing turn of events, took around 100 Israelis hostage, including women and children, transporting them to Gaza. Additionally, reports from the Times of Israel outlined Hamas's attack on a Friday rave party, resulting in multiple hostage situations.

The conflict's escalation and the subsequent humanitarian crisis remain a matter of global concern, urging diplomatic efforts to find a resolution and restore peace in the region. The international community calls for an immediate cessation of hostilities, emphasizing the importance of safeguarding civilian lives amidst the ongoing turmoil.