Indian Students in Canada Express Concerns Over Job Opportunities Amidst Diplomatic Tensions

Rozana Spokesman  | Amanat Thaper

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Rising number of Indian students in Canada worry about limited job prospects amidst ongoing India-Canada diplomatic tensions


TORONTO: With India-Canada relations facing ongoing strain following accusations made by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Indian students studying in Canada now find themselves grappling with another worry - the scarcity of job opportunities. The tension has heightened anxieties among Indian students, who are concerned about their future prospects in the country. According to data from the international education research forum 'Erudera,' a substantial influx of Indian students arrived in Canada in 2022, making India the leading country of origin for new international students in Canada last year.

In 2022, a staggering 226,450 Indian students pursued higher education in Canada, constituting a significant portion of the total international student population, which stood at 807,750. Among these, 551,405 students were granted study permits in Canada last year, with Indians being the largest group to receive these permits, as per Erudera data.

Expressing his concerns, a student named Harvinder, who chose to remain anonymous due to security reasons, emphasized, "I am more worried about my future than the India-Canada tension. There is a significant job shortage, and uncertainty looms over my employment prospects post-graduation."

This sentiment resonates with numerous Indian students, particularly those residing in the Greater Toronto Area. Mayank, a student pursuing health services, shed light on the prevalent anxiety among students like him. He mentioned that while the diplomatic tensions haven't directly impacted their daily lives, the looming fear of inadequate job opportunities post-graduation in Toronto is causing sleepless nights.

Mayank highlighted a prevalent issue - even students with medical degrees are struggling to secure well-paying jobs, resorting to driving cars or working in shops and restaurants to make ends meet. The high cost of living in cities like Toronto adds to the distress, forcing many students to share accommodations and limit expenses to cope with financial challenges.

Notably, The combination of diplomatic tension and job market uncertainties has put Indian students in a challenging position, making it crucial for stakeholders to address these concerns and work towards creating a more promising future for international students in Canada.