Israeli President Rebukes Angelina Jolie's Comments on Gaza War, Call Them Inaccurate

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Israel-Palestine War News: President Herzog Criticizes Actress's Stance, Reiterates Israel's Need to Defend Itself

Israel-Palestine War Latest News

Israel-Palestine War Latest News: Israeli President Isaac Herzog has openly criticized Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie for her recent remarks concerning the Israel-Hamas War. During an interview with Piers Morgan, Herzog expressed his firsthand experience of the initial day of the attacks, referring to it as the "worst atrocity as a nation." Jolie had recently shared her anti-Israel stance on social media, highlighting her work with the United Nations and her focus on helping refugees affected by violence.

In one of her posts, Jolie referred to the situation in Israel as an "act of terror" and condemned the loss of innocent lives among Gaza's civilian population, who she claimed had no access to basic necessities. She argued that Israel's airstrikes were turning Gaza into a "mass grave," holding millions of Palestinian civilians, including children and women, collectively punished.

Responding to Jolie's comments, Herzog emphasized that she had not visited Gaza and that her remarks did not take into account Israel's need to defend itself. He stated, "I totally reject her claims. I think she's never been in Gaza... to visit and see the facts on the ground. In Gaza now there is war, but there is no humanitarian crisis that does not enable them to survive."

The Israeli President further clarified, "Angelina Jolie does not offer the Israeli people any ability to defend themselves by saying what she's saying. And Gaza is a jail not because of Israel. Israel pulled out of Gaza. Gaza is an Iranian base filled with terror. Perhaps the outcome of this war will enable the Gazan people who deserve a decent good life to enjoy it under a different regime that will enable movement towards peace."

President Herzog also reflected on the morning of the October 7 attack by Hamas, describing the chaos and destruction caused by missile strikes. He highlighted the immense impact of the attacks on Israel, stating, "We've gone through the worst atrocity as a nation since the establishment of the state of Israel."

In a separate development, Angelina Jolie's father, Jon Voight, expressed his disappointment with his daughter's remarks in a video message. He argued that her stance lacked an understanding of the significance of the Holy Land and the need to protect it.

Voight asserted, "This is about destroying the history of God's land - the Holy Land - the land of the Jews. This is justice for God's children of the holy land." He further emphasized the necessity for the Israeli army to protect their soil and people, characterizing the situation as a war with significant consequences.

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