PM Modi Concludes 'Meaningful' Visit to Indonesia, Emphasizes Strategic Ties

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PM Modi Stressed that all Countries in the Region Share an Interest in Peace, Security, & Prosperity in the Indo-Pacific Region.

PM Modi's visit to Indonesia

JAKARTA - Prime Minister Narendra Modi has returned to India after a brief but highly productive visit to Indonesia, where he attended the ASEAN-India and East Asia Summit (EAS). During his visit, Prime Minister Modi reaffirmed India's strong and strategic connections with nations in this vital region.

Prime Minister Modi's arrival in Jakarta marked the commencement of his participation in these pivotal summits. The Ministry of External Affairs shared on the social media platform 'X,' stating, "Prime Minister Narendra Modi has concluded his visit to Indonesia. During this time, he deepened India's engagement with ASEAN and EAS."

Secretary (East) Saurabh Kumar remarked, "The Prime Minister's visit to Jakarta, although brief, was immensely valuable as he participated in the ASEAN-India Summit and the East Asia Summit." He emphasized that the Prime Minister's engagement in these summits will provide a strategic direction to India-ASEAN relations.

During the visit, Prime Minister Modi engaged in comprehensive discussions on a wide range of areas including connectivity, maritime cooperation, digital transformation, trade and economy, environment, health, and traditional medicine. Kumar noted that in each of these areas, the Prime Minister presented specific proposals, which have since been outlined as a 12-point agenda.

Furthermore, two joint statements were issued between India and ASEAN, pertaining to maritime cooperation and food security. Maritime cooperation encompassed matters such as security, maritime domain awareness, and disaster management. Kumar underscored that during the food security discussions, the PM highlighted the significance of millets, not only as a source of food security but also as a contributor to environmental sustainability.

Among the key announcements made during the visit, PM Modi unveiled the establishment of the ASEAN-India Fund for Digital Future, aimed at enhancing financial connectivity between ASEAN and India. Additionally, he introduced the ASEAN Think-Tank for the region, which will serve as a knowledge partner in advancing ASEAN-India relations.

Kumar further revealed that Prime Minister Modi announced the opening of the Embassy of India in Timor-Leste. Timor-Leste joined ASEAN as an observer in 2022, and this move underscores India's commitment to strengthening ties with Southeast Asia.

Addressing the East Asia Summit, Prime Minister Modi emphasized the importance of collective commitment and efforts to uphold the sovereignty and territorial integrity of all countries. This statement comes against the backdrop of China's escalating military activities in the South China Sea. PM Modi advocated for an effective code of conduct for the South China Sea that aligns with the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS).

These remarks came following strong reactions from several ASEAN member states, including Malaysia, Vietnam, and the Philippines, concerning Beijing's territorial claims in the South China Sea as reflected in the latest edition of the 'Standard Map of China,' released on August 28. India, along with these nations, has rejected the 'map' and lodged a formal protest with China.

Prime Minister Modi stressed that all countries in the region share an interest in peace, security, and prosperity in the Indo-Pacific region. He underscored the vital role played by ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) in India's Indo-Pacific initiatives and reiterated India's commitment to working closely with ASEAN in this regard.