Indian Victim of Dubai Bus Accident Receives Rs 11 Crore Compensation

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Indian man suffered 50% Brain Damage

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A compensation of 50 lakh dirhams (approximately Rs. 11 crores in Indian currency) has been announced to an Indian who was seriously injured in a bus accident in Dubai four years ago. It is being told that after the accident, the Indian man suffered 50% brain damage. After which, the United Arab Emirates Supreme Court has directed to pay the insurance amount.

According to media reports, in the year 2019, Muhammad Baig Mirza was travelling to UAE from Oman. He met with a bus accident in Dubai. 17 people died in this accident, out of which 12 were Indians. The bus hit the overhead height barrier near the parking lot of the metro station. Due to this, the upper part of the bus was damaged.

The bus driver, who is from Oman, was sentenced to 7 years imprisonment and ordered to pay 3.4 million dirhams to the families of the victims. The report quoted Mirza's lawyer as saying that the UAE Insurance Authority had given him 1 million dirhams as compensation. The petitioners later approached the Dubai court, where the compensation was increased to 5 million dirhams.

After the accident, Mirza stayed in the hospital for about two months. Meanwhile, he remained unconscious for about 14 days. After this he also spent a long time in a rehabilitation center. It is reported that he was preparing for the final semester of Diploma in Mechanical Engineering and could not complete his studies due to severe injuries. The media reports said that during treatment, the doctors said that due to brain damage, the chances of his life being normal are low.