Indians are the Most Beautiful in the World: Artificial Intelligence

Rozana Spokesman

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The British Firm Pour Moi has compared the physical appearance of people from 50 countries of the world through AI

Artificial Intelligence

LONDON: If you think, you have to be fair to be beautiful, then you are not right. It has been found through artificial intelligence that Indian people are the most beautiful in the world. Americans come second in terms of beauty. After then, Sweden, Japan, Canada and Brazil has made their spot in the list. The British company Pour Moi Ltd has compared the physical appearance of people from 50 countries of the world through Artificial Intelligence (AI). According to the comparison, Indian women were found to be the most attractive, while men came second.

AI finds British men the most attractive in the world. Despite this, in this list of the beauty of 50 countries, the people of Britain remained at number 12. The Chinese were ranked 16th while the Pakistanis were ranked 23rd. A Por Moi spokesperson said, "By analyzing Reddit's data through AI, we found out which countries people are most attractive from other countries of the world. Data of posts were also examined. It has been revealed that Indians are the most attractive people among the world."

Photos of different countries of the world shared on Reddit were evaluated through artificial intelligence. AI came up with a ranking of 50 countries after scanning faces. After this, the AI also created the most attractive faces of the countries that were said to be the most beautiful.

13 years ago in 2010, OnePoll conducted a research on the attractiveness of people from different countries of the world. This research has been done on the basis of survey. In this research, it was seen that the people of other countries of the world are more attracted towards the people of which country. In this too, India was in the top 10. In this, the people of America were considered the most attractive. Brazil was second and Spain third. India was ranked eighth in this research.