Johnson & Johnson Offers Rs 73,000 Crores Compensation to Settle Disputes 

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American Court imposed a fine of Rs 15,000 crore on the Firm

Johnson & Johnson

American pharmaceutical company Johnson & Johnson has been facing controversies for a long time. While the company stopped selling its baby powder over consumer safety concerns, Johnson & Johnson has now proposed $8.9 billion to settle years-old lawsuits. Thousands of women sued the company due to the issue of cervical cancer.

In 2020, the company announced that it would stop selling baby powder in the US and Canada. The company said that after several cases were reported there, the demand for the powder decreased because of misinformation about the safety. Now to settle those years-old lawsuits, the company has offered a settlement of USD 890 million (roughly Rs 73,086 crore).

It is being claimed that the people who suffered cancer due to talcum powder product will be given compensation of Rs 73 thousand crore rupees. According to Johnson & Johnson, it will pay US$890 million to thousands of claimants over the next 25 years through its subsidiary LTL Management LLC. Although Johnson & Johnson believes that its talcum powder product is safe, it is in the best interest of the company and all stakeholders to effectively address this issue.

It is worth mentioning here that an American court imposed a fine of Rs 15,000 crore on the company. In this case, the court said that the company has played with the health of the children. These products were completely discontinued in the US after this controversy. However, the company has been denying these allegations.