British Sikh MP Receives Threatening E-mail, Security Tightened

Rozana Spokesman

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The Message Read, "Watch Your Back."

British Sikh MP

LONDON: Britain's first woman Sikh MP Preet Kaur Gill informed the cops after receiving threatening email message. Preet Kaur Gill said that she received a threat through an email that said 'Watch your back'.

Edgbaston, Senior Labor MP for Birmingham, said she was forced to hire a bodyguard to attend his constituency meetings after the email. Gill told GB News that this latest direct threat really worries her.

She said, "This is a matter of concern as I am with my daughters in the constituency all the time. My family lives here. As a woman, when you put yourself forward and you want to address injustice and you care about issues that affect your constituents, then you have to face people that think It's okay  to say this sort of stuff to you."