Get a 3-year Work Permit after 2 years of Nursing Studies, Apply Today

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Golden Opportunity for Nurses to study in Canadian Universities

Golden Opportunity for Nurses

TORONTO: Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, the demand for nurses has increased in different parts of the world. A large number of visas were issued on a priority basis to people associated with the nursing field by many major countries. If you also belongs to the nursing field then this news is very important for you. There is a golden opportunity for nurses to study in Canadian universities. Now, you can get a 3 year work permit after 2 years of study. Contact 95555-56789 for more information.

Notably, If you want to make your career in nursing field then you can apply for it till September 2023. During this, you will also get the benefit of post basic nursing practice. Apart from this, you can also advance your career in the field of gerontology hospice palliative care.

This process will be completed in a very easy way and at a low fee. It is worth noting here that there is a huge demand for Indian nurses in Canada and a large number of girls are providing services in the nursing field there. If you also want to fulfill your dream of settling in Canada, then apply today. For more information, you can contact 95555-56789.