21 Children Injured after School Bus Met with an Accident in France 

Rozana Spokesman

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The Driver & his companion suffered critical injuries.


FRANCE: A School Bus carrying 40 primary school students met with an accident in France. The bus was dropping the students home from a trip to the French Alps. According to information, the bus plunged down a slope in a forested area into a river, causing serious injuries to the driver and his companion and injuring several children. The injured were admitted to the hospital.

According to the details received, around 21 children and another adult suffered minor injuries and were taken to the hospital for treatment. The cause of the accident is currently unknown, and is under investigation.

According to local media reports, the weather was clear when the bus left the road and there was no snow on the part where the bus crashed. He said that all the children were wearing seat belts. The mayor said that the accident may have occurred due to a possible defect in the wheel of the bus. A photo published in media reports showed the bus stuck in a tangle of dry bushes and its windshield broken. According to local media, the children in the vehicle were returning from a summer camp in Hautes-Alpes.