Pakistan Terror Attack: Terrorist Targets Mianwali Air Base, Probe Underway

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Pakistan Terror Attack News: Militants Breach Security, Spark Fire in Attack Linked to Tehreek-e-Jihad Pakistan

Pakistan Terror Attack News Latest

Pakistan Terror Attack News Latest: In a disturbing incident, Pakistan's Mianwali Air Base in Punjab province came under attack on Saturday morning, as armed terrorists breached its security perimeter. Reports indicate that the assailants gained access to the airbase by scaling its walls with ladders and disabling security measures, leading to a fire breaking out within the facility.

Initial investigations suggest the involvement of several suicide bombers linked to the Tehreek-e-Jihad Pakistan (TJP) organization, a known extremist group. The organization's spokesperson, Mullah Muhammad Qasim, issued a warning regarding the attack, underscoring the concerning nature of the incident.

The audacious attack involved the infiltration of the airbase's perimeter, with the attackers managing to breach its defenses, leading to damage and fire within the facility. The incident highlights the ongoing security challenges faced by Pakistan in countering extremist threats and ensuring the safety of its military installations. Authorities are actively engaged in responding to the situation and are working to secure the area, investigate the attack, and ascertain the extent of damage and potential casualties. 

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