Tragic Bus Accident in Venice: 21, Including 2 Children, Dead as Bus Plunges from Overpass 

Rozana Spokesman

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An unfortunate incident leaves 18 seriously injured as a bus falls from an overpass and ignites in flames

Bus Accident in Venice, Italy

VENICE:  A Harrowing accident occurred in the vibrant city of Venice, Italy, as a bus fell from an overpass and erupted into flames. Tragically, 21 individuals, including 2 children, lost their lives in the terrifying accident. Additionally, 18 people sustained serious injuries and have been swiftly transported to nearby hospitals for immediate medical attention, with four in critical condition.

Reports indicate that the bus, carrying a total of 40 passengers, including foreign tourists like Ukrainians, fell near the railway tracks in Mestre, an area connected to Venice via a bridge. The incident took place at approximately 7:45 am, resulting in the bus plummeting about 50 feet onto electric wires before catching fire.

Renato Borasso, a Venice city councilor, shared that the exact cause of the accident remains unclear. Preliminary investigations have indicated that the 40-year-old Italian bus driver was unwell before the tragic occurrence. This calamitous incident has left the city and its residents in mourning, urging authorities to thoroughly investigate the circumstances that led to this devastating accident.