Air Taxi: Future is Here! World's First Flying Taxi is Here

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Air Taxi will fly without a driver and you can land it anywhere.

World's First Flying Taxi

What is Electric Air Taxi? As a kid, you must have often seen yourself flying in your dreams. Also, you must have heard about 'Udankhatola' or a flying mat in TV shows like 'Ramayana', 'Mahabharata', 'Alif Laila', 'Hatim tai' and 'Aladin'. Not only this, but also you must have seen the same in cartoons like 'Doraemon' and 'Ninja Hattori. Well, these dreams are now taking shape as the concept of flying cart has turned into reality. 

Yes, the flying taxi is finally here and now you can go to office or come home from office using the same. It doesn't even requires petrol, diesel or any other fuel, because it is completely electric.

So, now the question is who made the world's first electric air taxi? As per media reports, a Chinese company has made it possible as it successfully tested the world's first flying taxi and even got the certificate. Also, it will fly without a driver and you can land it anywhere. World's first flying taxi is being described as 'revolutionary'. 

What is the name of this electric air taxi? 

New York Post reported that the Chinese company Ehang has named the air taxi 'EH 216-S' which can carry 2 passengers at a time along with 600 pounds i.e. 275 kg luggage. There are 16 electric routers installed in it and it can fly at a speed of 128 kilometers per hour. With one charge, it can go up to 30 kilometers (the company is preparing to raise it to 200 kilometers). 

What is electric air taxi?

It is controlled by a centralized command and control centre where it is controlled. The passengers onboard would be able to select their destination from the touchscreen. 

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