8 Children & Guard Killed in Firing at a School in Serbia's Belgrade

Rozana Spokesman

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Further investigation in the matter is underway: Cops


A 14-year-old boy opened fire at a school early on Wednesday, killing eight children and a security guard, as per theSerbian police. Apart from this, at least 5 students have suffered critical inuries in the incident. 

Police received a report of gunfire at Vladislav Ribnikar Elementary School around 8:40 a.m. The police said that the 7th class student has been arrested. It has been said in the statement that the boy committed the incident with his father's gun. Police have not released further details. Reportedly, The teacher said that the security guard of the school has died in this firing.

The teacher said that the shooter was a quiet boy and was also a good student in studies. He had recently joined their class. At present, the police have cordoned off the place where the shooting took place. The police said in a statement that the injured are being treated and the motive behind the shooting is under investigation.