Israel-Hamas War: Deputy Head of Hamas, Saleh Arori, Killed in Israeli Strike

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Ongoing Conflict Shows No Signs of Abating as Israeli Prime Minister Declares War at its Peak

Israel-Hamas War Latest Update

Israel-Hamas War Latest Update: In a significant development in the Israel-Hamas conflict, Israel has claimed a major victory with the death of a top Hamas official, Saleh Arori, in an explosive attack south of Beirut. The Israeli strike reportedly targeted a Hamas office in Beirut's southern suburbs, leading to the demise of Arori and his bodyguards, as confirmed by a senior security official speaking to AFP.

Lebanese state media corroborated the attack, highlighting its impact on the Hamas official. The incident raises questions about the duration of the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas. Responding to inquiries, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu asserted that the war is far from over.

"The war is at its peak. We are fighting on all fronts. It will take time to win. As the (IDF) Chief of Staff has said, the war will continue for months," declared Netanyahu. The statement indicates a prolonged and intensive engagement in the conflict, emphasizing the challenges ahead for both parties involved.

The conflict reached a critical point on October 7 when Hamas terrorists launched a major attack on Israel, resulting in approximately 1140 casualties and over 150 people being taken hostage. The continuous escalation of hostilities underscores the complex nature of the geopolitical situation in the region, with no immediate resolution in sight.

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