Italian PM Giorgia Meloni Shares Selfie with PM Narendra Modi at COP28

Rozana Spokesman  | Amanat Thaper

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Social Media Abuzz as Leaders Embrace Camaraderie Amidst Summit Meetings

PM Modi and Italian PM Giorgia Meloni Selfie

PM Modi and Italian PM Giorgia Meloni Selfie: In a delightful moment during the COP28 summit in Dubai, Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni and Prime Minister Narendra Modi shared a cheerful selfie, spreading waves of friendship on social media. The snapshot, posted by PM Meloni, has garnered attention not just for the leaders' smiles but also for the unique hashtag and caption accompanying it.

The Italian leader took to social media to share the moment, writing, 'Good friends at COP28' #Melody. The hashtag, a harmonious blend of Modi and Meloni, has swiftly gained popularity, resonating well with social media users who appreciate the creative touch to the friendship shared by the two leaders.

In the shared selfie, both Prime Minister Modi and PM Meloni can be seen smiling, evidently enjoying lighthearted moments between their hectic summit meetings. The warmth and amity captured in the photograph have sparked a flurry of comments from thousands of users, with many expressing admiration for the bond between the leaders.

The hashtag 'Melody' has become a trending topic on Twitter since the picture surfaced, indicating the widespread appeal of this cross-cultural camaraderie. Social media enthusiasts have flooded the comments section with appreciative messages, turning the moment into a celebration of diplomatic friendships.