Tornado Wreaks Havoc in America, Vehicles & Homes Damaged 

Rozana Spokesman

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Workers are engaged in Relief and Rescue Operations


Florida: A powerful storm wreaked havoc in America's Florida on Saturday, the video of which is going viral on social media. Due to the devastation caused by the storm, many houses were damaged and the power supply was disrupted. Along with this, many vehicles were completely destroyed.

Several horrifying videos shared on social media showed the devastation caused by the powerful storm. Cars can be seen colliding with each other in a video surfacing on social media. Rescue workers are engaged in relief and rescue operations after the severe storm.

The Meteorological Department has issued an alert after a powerful storm. Along with this, people have been cautioned to come out of the house with caution. 

Earlier in the beginning of April, heavy storms and hurricanes had wreaked havoc in the United States. 21 people had died in the storm and dozens were injured. In many areas, even the roofs of houses were blown off and other properties were also heavily damaged.