Indian Family Drowned in River after trying to enter US by 'Donkey' Means, 8 Dead

Rozana Spokesman

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8 People whose bodies were found are believed to be from 2 families

Indian Family Drowned in River

NEW YORK: At least 8 people drowned in the St. Lawrence River while attempting to enter the United States of America illegally by 'donkey' means from Canada. An Indian family is also included in the dead. According to the information, during the search operation by the Canadian Coast Guard, six bodies were recovered in a marshy area of Quebec on Thursday afternoon and two more bodies were recovered on Friday (March 31).

Akwesne Mohawk Police Service Deputy Chief Lee-Ann O'Brien said during a press conference on Friday, "The eight people whose bodies were found are believed to be from two families. One is of Romanian origin and the other is of Indian origin.”

Reportedly, the Police official said, "The innocent child of the Romanian family has not yet been found. We will continue to look for him." 

Notably, It is believed that all the deceased were trying to enter the US illegally from Canada. Police said that one of the recovered bodies is that of a child under the age of three. The child's body was found with a Canadian passport belonging to a Romanian family. At present, the bodies have not been identified.