Punjab Open Debate: When & Where to Watch 'Main Punjab Bolda Haan'?

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November 1 Open Debate in Punjab: Grand Punjab Debate Tomorrow, Watch the Big Reveal of Punjab's Burning Issues

Punjab Open Debate, November 1 Debate

November 1 Open Debate in Punjab News Latest: In an eagerly awaited event, the Punjab Government's "Grand Punjab Debate" is set to take place tomorrow (November 1). This revelation has garnered significant attention and is creating a buzz across the state. The event's anticipation has been further heightened with the release of a poster by the Aam Aadmi Party Punjab on their Twitter handle.

The government, in an intriguing tweet, has raised several pivotal questions that are expected to be addressed in the debate, stating, "There will be a big revelation on November 1!"

Who spread drugs in Punjab?
Who sheltered the gangsters?
Who kept the youth unemployed?
Who cheated the people of Punjab?

When & Where to Watch?

The "Grand Punjab Debate" is scheduled to take place in Ludhiana, with the promise of addressing the pressing issues that have been a topic of concern for the residents of Punjab. However, there remains an air of suspense surrounding the participation of all political parties in this significant discourse.

The debate is set to be accessible to the people of Punjab through various mediums, including social media and television channels. Those interested in witnessing this crucial event unfold can tune in to Spokesman TV's YouTube and Facebook channels, where the debate will be streamed live. 

The "Grand Punjab Debate" is poised to provide a platform for a comprehensive discussion on matters that have affected the lives of the people of Punjab. As the state eagerly awaits this event, it is anticipated to bring forth answers to the questions that have long loomed over the region, and could potentially pave the way for critical changes in the state's future.

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