Watch: Controversy Erupts as Video Shows Food Being Prepared with Feet at Haryana University

Rozana Spokesman  | Amanat Thaper

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'We are Treating the Matter with Utmost Seriousness': University's Registrar

Viral Video

CHANDIGARH: A Disturbing video depicting food being prepared with feet at the canteen of a private university in Haryana has gone viral, sparking outrage among viewers. In the video, a man can be seen who is crushing the potatoes with his feet. The incident allegedly occurred at the OP Jindal Global University Mess, and swift action has been initiated after the video came to light.

In response to the viral video, an official notice has been issued to both students and parents of the university, reassuring them of a thorough investigation into the incident. The incident, which has raised serious concerns about food safety and hygiene, has prompted the university authorities to address the matter urgently.

According to reports from media sources, the university's registrar has issued a statement acknowledging the gravity of the situation. The registrar confirmed, "We are treating the matter of food preparation by a food service company with utmost seriousness. In light of this incident, we have immediately issued a show-cause notice to the CEO of the company. We are seeking a written explanation and assurance regarding the matter."

Taking proactive measures to address the issue, the university's administrative team has personally visited the kitchens and canteen facilities to expedite the implementation of necessary reforms. The university's commitment to rectifying the situation is evident as they intend to incorporate suggestions provided by the student council.