Major Crackdown on Drug Traffickers: Properties Worth Rs 4 Crore Targeted for Seizure

Rozana Spokesman

News, Punjab

This Aimed at Dismantling Drug Trafficking Networks from the State

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AMRITSAR: In a decisive move to curb the drug trade in Punjab, the Director General of Police, Punjab, Chandigarh, has initiated a comprehensive campaign aimed at dismantling drug trafficking networks. Displaying unwavering commitment to this cause, Senior Captain of Police (Amritsar Rural), Satinder Singh IPS, has directed district chief officers to undertake a rigorous initiative to unearth properties owned by drug smugglers within their respective police station jurisdictions.

The urgency of the situation has driven this concerted effort, with some smugglers incarcerated while others are out on bail. The directive from Senior Captain Satinder Singh emphasizes the identification and assessment of these individuals' properties, including lands, vehicles, tractors, and any other concealed assets. These assets are suspected to be ill-gotten gains from the illicit drug trade.

In response to these instructions, the police stations of the Amritsar rural district have sprung into action. Immoveable properties amounting to a staggering sum of Rs. 4,11,28,093, owned by seven accused drug traffickers, are now in the process of being identified and subsequently seized. The sweeping crackdown underscores law enforcement's unyielding commitment to rooting out drug-related criminal activities that have adversely impacted communities.