Vigilance Team Conducts Raid at Former Minister Manpreet Badal's Residence in Chandigarh

Rozana Spokesman  | Amanat Thaper

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Operation Launched After Arrest Warrant in Bathinda Land Allotment Case; Manpreet Badal Remains Absent During Search

Manpreet Badal

CHANDIGARH: In connection with the Bathinda land allotment case, a vigilance team executed a raid at the residence of former Finance Minister Manpreet Badal in Chandigarh following the issuance of an arrest warrant. The extensive operation saw officials scouring the premises for substantial evidence, yet Manpreet Badal was not present at the time of the search. The authorities also interrogated Manpreet Badal's family members during the operation.

Vigilance officials have stated that the search for Manpreet Badal is ongoing, extending beyond Punjab to various states including Haryana, Chandigarh, and Rajasthan. Notably, former Finance Minister Manpreet Badal had filed a bail petition on Friday afternoon, seeking relief through advocate Sukhdeep Bhinder in the District and Sessions Judge Bathinda's court. The hearing is scheduled for October 4. Manpreet Badal had previously withdrawn an anticipatory bail petition filed before the case was registered against him.

Notably, The Case revolves around allegations of fraudulent land distribution, implicating Manpreet Badal in Bathinda. He is accused of purchasing two plots at a significantly reduced rate in collusion with Bathinda Development Authority officials, resulting in a substantial loss of Rs 65 lakh to the government. Furthermore, it is alleged that during his tenure as Finance Minister since 2018, Manpreet Badal devised a scheme to acquire the plots, orchestrating a counterfeit bid and subsequently procuring them in the names of two individuals with whom he had entered illegal agreements.

Following the registration of the case, Manpreet Badal is currently evading authorities. Vigilance teams are conducting extensive search operations in multiple states to apprehend him. Several individuals have already been arrested in connection with this case, including Rajiv Kumar, Vikas Arora, and Amandeep Singh, who remain in vigilance remand until the 30th.