Hoardings Displaying Gangster Jaipal Bhullar's Pic Stir Controversy at Sri Goindwal Sahib Jod Mela

Rozana Spokesman

News, Punjab

Local Authorities Promptly Remove Hoardings After Public Outcry at Historic Religious Gathering


SRI GOINDWAL SAHIB: Hoardings, featuring the photograph of the late gangster Jaipal Bhullar surfaced during the Sri Goindwal Sahib Annual Jod Mela, sparking a wave of concern and debate amongst attendees. Reports suggest that these hoardings were prominently displayed as part of the event's decor, prompting both surprise and dismay among the visitors.

Jaipal Bhullar, a notorious gangster, was fatally encountered by the police a few months prior, adding to the gravity of the situation. The presence of such imagery in a setting deeply rooted in religious and communal significance drew sharp criticism from attendees and locals alike.

Concerned by the public uproar, the local police swiftly responded by removing the hoardings in question. This incident has raised questions regarding event oversight and the need for tighter controls to ensure that the sanctity of religious gatherings is maintained and that they remain free from any association with criminal elements. As discussions continue within the community, authorities are urged to uphold the sacredness of such events and remain vigilant against any elements that could undermine their significance.