Woman Crushed by Truck in Ludhiana; Truck Driver Assists in Transporting Victim to Hospital

Rozana Spokesman

News, Punjab

Veena has been referred to another medical facility for further treatment

Accident in Ludhiana

LUDHIANA: Tragedy struck as a woman en-route to celebrate Rakhi with her brother fell victim to a horrifying accident, being crushed by a truck in Ludhiana. The incident unfolded when the truck's tire inadvertently ran over the woman's leg, leaving her in a dire situation. In a remarkable display of humanity, the truck driver himself stepped forward to assist the injured woman, ensuring she received prompt medical attention.

The unfortunate incident occurred on a link road, where the woman identified as Veena, a resident of Samrala Chowk, was on her way to her brother Kamaljit's house in Dugri to partake in the Rakhi festivities. As fate would have it, her path crossed with a truck, resulting in a traumatic accident that left her injured and in distress.

Truck driver Narsingh, who was operating the vehicle at the time, recounted the sequence of events leading up to the accident. He mentioned that he was intending to stop at a nearby petrol pump before Cheema Chowk for refueling. In a harrowing turn of events, another truck approached, colliding with Narsingh's vehicle and forcing him to apply the brakes abruptly.

Tragically, amidst this chaotic moment, Veena found herself trapped beneath the wheels of the truck. Despite his immediate efforts to solicit help from bystanders, Narsingh was met with indifference, leaving him alone on the road with the injured woman for nearly half an hour. Astonishingly, even as a police barricade loomed just a few steps away, no assistance was forthcoming. With the assistance of a passerby and an e-rickshaw, the truck driver transported Veena to the civil hospital, ensuring she received the medical attention she urgently required.

Notably, Veena's condition remains a matter of concern, and she has been referred to another medical facility for further treatment. The local police have been informed of the incident by the hospital authorities, initiating the necessary investigative process.