Gangster Landa Harike's 3 Associates Arrested in Ferozepur for Extortion & Attack on Shopkeeper

Rozana Spokesman  | Amanat Thaper

News, Punjab

Police apprehend culprits involved in demanding a 15-lakh rupee ransom and firing at a shop, intensify efforts to nab fourth accomplice

Landa Harike's 3 Associates Arrested

FEROZEPUR: In a Major Breakthrough, Ferozepur police have apprehended three individuals in connection with an extortion attempt and subsequent firing at a shop in Kartarpur. The miscreants had demanded a ransom of 15 lakhs from the shopkeeper and resorted to violence when their demands were refused. One accomplice remains at large as the police intensify their efforts to ensure all involved parties are brought to justice.

The incident unfolded when a shopkeeper, a resident of Zira, reported to the local police station that he had been receiving threatening calls on both his and his father's mobile phones, demanding a hefty ransom of 15 lakhs. The assailants had claimed association with the notorious figure, 'Gangster Landa Harike,' and further reinforced their threats by sending intimidating messages via WhatsApp. The situation escalated when the shopkeeper firmly rejected their extortion demands, resulting in a brazen attack on his shop.

Ferozepur police swiftly took action, arresting three individuals identified as Satnam Singh alias Sonu, Amit Bhatti alias Gopi, and a minor accomplice. The arrest was made with the recovery of a 315 bore pistol and 6 cartridges from their possession. However, one accomplice, Gurpreet Singh, managed to evade capture and is currently at large. Law enforcement agencies are actively conducting raids to apprehend him and ensure justice is served.

Speaking on the operation, SP Randhir Kumar commended the diligent efforts of the police force. He conveyed that the arrested individuals will be further interrogated to unveil crucial details, shedding light on their criminal activities and potential associates.