Canada Visa Scam: Couple Arrested in Chandigarh for Alleged Fraud of Rs 5.5 Lakhs

Rozana Spokesman

News, Punjab

Arrested Individuals have been identified as Monika Rahal (45) & Paramjit Singh (50), Residents of Zirakpur

Visa Fraud

CHANDIGARH: The Sector-17 Police Station in Chandigarh has apprehended a couple of Rahal Travels Immigration Consultant. The couple stands accused of orchestrating a fraudulent scheme that involved deceiving individuals out of 5.5 lakhs under the pretense of assisting them in obtaining Canada visas. The arrested individuals have been identified as Monika Rahal (45) and Paramjit Singh (50), residents of Zirakpur.

The Alleged fraudulent activities have sparked a rigorous interrogation by the police to uncover the details of the money scam. The case was brought to light by Surinder Kumar, a resident of Zirakpur, who approached Rahal Travels Immigration Consultants situated in Sector-17D in 2016 with the intent of applying for a work visa to Canada. Assured by Monika and Paramjit, the couple responsible for Rahal Travels, the victim paid an amount of five and a half lakhs in exchange for assistance in obtaining Canada's Permanent Residency (PR) under the trade certification program.

Alongside the substantial sum of money, additional funds were also transferred to the accused. Despite the monetary transaction, no progress was observed over the course of two years. Frustrated by the lack of results, the complainant and his wife confronted the accused multiple times. When inquired about the PR deposit, the accused began to assert that the victim's case was within Canada's Entry Express pool and insinuated that the remaining amount was yet to be paid.

Notably, In a partial reimbursement, only two lakh rupees were returned to the complainant. The unreturned portion of the sum led the aggrieved parties to approach the police with their grievances. Consequently, based on the formal complaint, the Sector-17 police station initiated an investigation and filed a case of fraud against the implicated company and its employees. As the investigation progresses, the full extent of the alleged scam is being unraveled by the police.