Mysterious Deaths of 14 Cows Shock Batala's Cowshed; Suspicions of Poisoned Fodder Arise

Rozana Spokesman

News, Punjab

Local Hindu Leaders & Officials Gather as Batala's Cowshed Grapples with Unexplained Livestock Losses


BATALA: In a unfortunate incident, approximately 14 cows suddenly perished one by one in a cowshed situated in Batala city during the late hours of the night. The shocking event prompted immediate attention, with leaders of Hindu organizations and local residents swiftly congregating at the cowshed. The Batala MLA Amansher Singh Shery Kalsi of Batala, along with senior officials from the police administration and a team of veterinary doctors, were promptly dispatched to the location upon receiving the distressing news. Authorities suspect potential poisoning of the cattle through contaminated fodder as the cause of this tragic loss.

Vijay Prabhakar, who received the initial information about the sudden cow deaths, shared that he swiftly responded and reached the cowshed accompanied by his team. Tragically, around 10 cows were discovered lifeless, presenting alarming signs of bloated stomachs. Expressing concern and seeking accountability, Prabhakar appealed to the civil and police administration to thoroughly investigate the matter and take stringent action against any party found negligent in this incident.

Notably, The Community remains deeply unsettled by this unexplained loss of cattle, urging authorities to expedite investigations and ensure the safety and wellbeing of the remaining livestock.