Major Revelations: Wife Kirandeep Kaur breaks silence over Amritpal Singh!

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I left my job and family for Amritpal: Kirandeep Kaur

Amritpal Singh & Wife Kirandeep Kaur

CHANDIGARH: Punjab Police is continuing its hunt for Amritpal Singh, head of 'Waris Punjab De'. A high alert has also been issued in Nepal over Amritpal. WPD Chief's wife on Tuesday (March 28) broke silence over Amritpal Singh. She made major revelations in the case.

Interacting with the media, Kirandeep Kaur said that she does not know where Amritpal is now as she has not had any contact with Amritpal for a long time. 

She said, "I left my job and family for Amritpal. I will not leave him in this condition. Amritpal always prioritizes the work of the organization and 'Dharma Prachar'. His first choice is Sikh propaganda and I am his second choice. He used to post many videos on social media to raise his voice for the religion and people of Punjab. I had seen and heard many of his videos. I came in contact with Amritpal only through social media."

Amritpal's wife Kirandeep said, "All the allegations against me are false. I have been living here for two months. I did not do anything illegal. Now, this is my home. After six months, I will go to UK. If Amritpal will go with me then fine, otherwise I will return to India."