High Alert in Nepal over Amritpal Singh, Hike in Vigilance at Airports

Rozana Spokesman

News, Punjab

Indian Embassy writes to Nepal's office seeking help to prevent Amritpal from fleeing to 3rd country

Amritpal Singh

KATHMANDU: Punjab Police and central agencies are continuously on hunt for 'Waris Punjab De' Chief Amritpal Singh. A High alert has been issued in Nepal for the search of Amritpal Singh. 

The Immigration Department of the Government of Nepal has issued an alert over Amritpal especially in the places located near the airport. The police is feared that Amritpal might have fled to a third country using a fake passport. DG Jhalak Ram Adhikari said that the Indian Embassy had written to Nepal's office seeking help to prevent Amritpal Singh from fleeing to the  third country.

It is worth mentioning here that Amritpal is likely to be hiding in Nepal. Due to this, the Indian Embassy in Kathmandu has written a letter to the Government of Nepal in which request has been made to arrest Amritpal Singh if he tries to escape from Nepal using an Indian passport or any other fake passport.