SGGS College Hosts Workshop on Conflict Resolution & Peace Building with Focus on the Global South

Rozana Spokesman  | Amanat Thaper

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Renowned Academic Explores the Vital Role of Global South in Achieving Sustainable Peace

SGGS College

CHANDIGARH: Sri Guru Gobind Singh College in Sector-26 organized a Capacity Building Workshop centered around Conflict Resolution and Peace Building, emphasizing the critical contribution of the Global South in establishing lasting peace on a global scale.

The Event commenced with a warm welcome from the College's Principal, Dr. Navjot Kaur, who greeted the esteemed Resource Person, Professor Bhupinder Brar, an Emeritus Professor from the Department of Political Science at Panjab University, Chandigarh. The workshop aimed to delve into the pivotal role played by the Global South in promoting sustainable peace across the world.

Professor Bhupinder Brar provided a comprehensive analysis during the workshop, focusing on the evolving role of the Global South in the realm of peace building. He elaborated on the nuanced strategies and approaches adopted by countries within this region to effectively mediate and resolve disputes. Key aspects such as cultural sensitivity, diplomatic maneuvers, and the significance of inclusive dialogue were underscored as fundamental elements in conflict resolution endeavors.

The interactive session fostered engagement and dialogue, enabling participants to attain a deeper comprehension of the intricate dynamics involved in conflict resolution. Additionally, it shed light on the pivotal role played by the Global South in this noble undertaking. Expressing gratitude, the Principal conveyed her thanks to the resource person for sharing valuable insights and knowledge. She also commended the efforts of the Department of Political Science for organizing this enlightening workshop, highlighting its significance in enhancing understanding and expertise in conflict resolution and peacebuilding.