Reckless Pursuit of Reels: Ludhiana's Youth Risk Lives for Social Media Fame on Road Bridge

Rozana Spokesman  | Amanat Thaper

News, Punjab

The Allure of creating social media reels is posing a threat for people


LUDHIANA: In Ludhiana, the trend of crafting reels is gaining traction, and the newly constructed elevated bridge on Ferozepur Road has become a favored spot for aspiring content creators, especially after midnight. The 13 km long elevated bridge, a monumental infrastructure endeavor costing Rs 770 crore, has attracted numerous young individuals, disregarding the high-speed traffic that plies the road, all in pursuit of the perfect reel.

Late last night, a group of young enthusiasts was observed creating a reel on the elevated bridge. However, their actions raised concerns about safety, prompting journalists to intervene and record the incident. Startled, the individuals hastily dispersed upon realizing they were being filmed.

While the traffic police are planning to install speed radars on the bridge to ensure road safety, they now face the additional challenge of addressing these reckless reel-making activities. The passion for creating reels seems to outweigh concerns for personal safety, with young individuals risking their lives for a fleeting moment of online acclaim.

Some of the reckless youth, speaking on the condition of anonymity, revealed that this is not an isolated incident. Many are enticed to create reels on roads at night, drawn by the promise of likes and comments on their posts. Despite potential risks, the pursuit of social media validation remains a powerful motivator.

Police officers have acknowledged the issue and stated that they frequently intervene to discourage individuals from filming on the roads. In certain cases, they actively pursue and caution those engaging in such perilous activities, emphasizing the importance of road safety over social media pursuits.