Major Crackdown on Gang Networks: NIA Conducts Raids at 30 Locations Across Punjab

Rozana Spokesman

News, Punjab

The National Investigation Agency (NIA) carried out searches at 50 locations spanning 6 states, including Punjab, Haryana, & Rajasthan


CHANDIGARH: In a sweeping crackdown, the National Investigation Agency (NIA) is currently conducting raids at multiple locations across six states, primarily focusing on gang networks and individuals involved in various criminal activities. Among the states under scrutiny are Punjab, Haryana, Rajasthan, Uttarakhand, Delhi-NCR, and Uttar Pradesh, where a total of 50 locations have been targeted in this extensive operation.

In Punjab alone, NIA has executed raids at 30 different sites, underlining the agency's commitment to tackling organized crime in the region. The crackdown aims to root out criminal elements, disrupt illegal networks, and restore law and order in areas plagued by criminal activities.

In a recent early morning raid at Takhtupura village of Moga, the NIA team descended upon the residence of a liquor contractor. Sources reveal that gangster Arsh Dalla had allegedly extorted a ransom from this contractor. The NIA team is intensively interrogating the contractor in connection with this matter, seeking to unravel crucial information.

Further operations saw the NIA raiding the house of a youth named Sundar alias Zora in Ferozepur's Fish Mandi area, resulting in Sundar's arrest. Sundar is suspected to have ties with terrorist Arsh Dalla, signaling a comprehensive approach by NIA in dealing with those involved in criminal and terror activities.

The NIA raids extend to multiple locations, encompassing the Maur Mandi town of Bathinda, where the agency conducted raids targeting individuals linked to gangster Harry Maur. Harry Maur is infamous for being involved in serious criminal cases, prompting the NIA's vigilance in addressing criminality at its roots.

Moreover, the NIA team is investigating financial transactions, including a substantial deposit made by Jangjot Singh from Khairpur Jattan village to a travel agent for international travel. The agency's raids also reached Balogi village in Mohali, focusing on the premises of an incarcerated individual known as Ravinder alias Kali Shooter, currently detained in Tihar Jail. Reports suggest that the NIA's operations are closely linked to drug trade investigations, with a significant number of raids targeting the residences of kabaddi players.