Ludhiana Court Hands Down 20-Year Sentence to Couple Involved in Drug Trafficking

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News, Punjab

The Judgment follows a 2018 incident where the police discovered a significant quantity of heroin during a routine vehicle check

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LUDHIANA: In a decisive legal ruling, the Ludhiana Additional Sessions Judge, Shivmohan Garg, has delivered a stern sentence of twenty years in prison to a couple found guilty of drug trafficking. The case dates back to November 26, 2018, when the police received a tip-off regarding a suspicious vehicle in the vicinity.

Responding swiftly, a police team intercepted the said vehicle during routine checks. Inside the vehicle were a man and a woman, whom the police subjected to thorough inspection. The ensuing search of the car led to the alarming discovery of 10 kg and 250 grams of heroin, a substantial quantity of illegal narcotics.

Promptly, the police registered a case at the Motinagar police station and arrested the individuals. They identified themselves as Mohammad Arabi and Jamila Begum, residents of Jalalabad in Jammu and Kashmir, and were confirmed to be a married couple.

Notably, The court's verdict marks a decisive stance against drug trafficking, highlighting the severity of such offenses and underlining the need to combat the illegal drug trade effectively.