Bunty Bains Attack News: Firing On Punjabi Music Composer Bunty Bains in Mohali

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Bunty has expressed suspicion on the most wanted gangster Lucky Patial

Bunty Bains Attack News

Bunty Bains Attack News: In a shocking incident, there has been a fatal attack on Punjabi music industry's famous producer and music composer Bunty Bains, who is also considered as a close friend of late singer Sidhu Moosewala. 

According to information, some unknown assailants opened fire on him outside a restaurant in Sector-79, Mohali. Amidst the intense firing, he saved his life by entering the restaurant.

After the firing, Bunty Bains recieved a ranson call of Rs 1 crore in exchange for his life. The attackers threatened that this time he had a narrow escape but if he won't give Rs 1 crore, then the next time they would definitely take him to the crematorium. 

Bunty has given a written complaint about the attack to the police after which the police has registered a case against unknown assailants and started investigation.

According to media reports, Bunty has expressed suspicion that it was most wanted gangster Lucky Patial who is behind the attack. Reportedly, Lucky Patial is hiding in Canada. He has a special connection with Bambiha group. Lucky Patial is leading the Bambiha gang while living in Canada.

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