Student Protest Turns Chaotic in Chandigarh: Vehicles E-challaned, Police Takes Strict Action

Rozana Spokesman  | Amanat Thaper

News, Punjab

Authorities are Currently Working to Identify the Individuals Seen Participating in the Rally

Student's Rally in Chandigarh

CHANDIGARH: A Recent Video depicting students associated with the Student Organization of India (SOI) creating tumultuous scenes during a rally in Chandigarh has stirred controversy. The police have taken swift action by issuing e-challans for 11 vehicles identified in the video, with plans to revoke the driving licenses of the identified drivers. Authorities are currently working to identify the individuals seen participating in the rally.

The student organization had organized a rally that commenced from PGI Chowk and traversed to Sector 16 Hospital Chowk on August 21. During the course of the rally, student leaders were spotted sitting atop vehicle bonnets and roofs, with some even hanging out of windows. The act was captured by surveillance cameras installed as part of the Smart City initiative. Upon discovering the incident, law enforcement responded promptly.

Chandigarh Traffic Police has issued a stern warning in light of the upcoming student union elections. Officials have emphasized that any actions undertaken by student unions or their leaders that violate traffic regulations will be met with stringent repercussions.

Notably, the students have received e-challans for a range of violations, including sitting on vehicle bonnets, sitting on roofs, and driving-related offenses. Sources indicate that during the rally, student leaders attempted to enter Sector-11 college. A security guard stationed there intervened to halt their entry, leading to a confrontation. However, SOI leaders argue that the guard was simply checking students' identification to ensure their affiliation with the college. They assert that the students were granted entry upon displaying their I-cards.