Shocking Video Emerges: Ludhiana Police Officer Assaults Wife, Sparks Outrage

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Incident Reveals Disturbing Domestic Violence Case Involving a Ludhiana Police Officer

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LUDHIANA: A Distressing video depicting a CIA-2 employee of Ludhiana police brutally assaulting his wife has surfaced, shedding light on a harrowing case of domestic abuse. The video captured the worker violently throwing his wife to the ground and subjecting her to further physical harm. Additionally, another video showcased local residents opposing an ambulance's obstruction caused by a parked car.

The incident occurred in the village of Kandyana Kalan just a day ago, where a patient needed urgent transportation to the hospital via an ambulance late at night. However, the situation escalated when a policeman parked his car in front of the ambulance, obstructing its path. Despite pleas from the public to remove the car, the situation escalated into an argument, with police presence on-site failing to address the issue adequately.

Balwant Singh, the brother of the accused policeman, identified as Beant Singh, revealed disturbing details about the continuous harassment and abuse inflicted by Beant upon his wife. Beant is stationed at Ludhiana CIA-2 and has not only estranged his family but also instills fear within the village community through his position. Balwant highlighted Beant's substance addiction and the horrifying physical abuse inflicted upon his wife, often even extending to innocent sleeping children.

Beant's family has made numerous attempts to encourage his wife to report the abuse to the police, but she has refrained, fearing further violence. Despite their efforts, Beant has managed to evade legal repercussions, and the family now demands a thorough investigation and appropriate action against him. This case has exposed a grave concern of domestic abuse within law enforcement, emphasizing the pressing need for intervention and stringent action against perpetrators. The Meharban police station SHO Jagdeep Singh expressed a commitment to taking immediate action upon receiving the family's formal complaint.