Gurpurab 2023: Half-Day Holiday Announced in This District of Punjab Tomorrow

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Administrative Announcement: DC Vishesh Sarangal Facilitates Half-Day Holiday for Educational Institutions

Gurpurab 2023 Latest News

Gurpurab 2023 Latest News: In anticipation of the Nagar Kirtan scheduled to grace the streets of Jalandhar on November 25, commemorating the birth anniversary of Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji, DC Vishesh Sarangal of Jalandhar has officially declared a half-day holiday for all government and non-government schools and colleges in the city. The directive, aimed at fostering community participation in the significant event, is outlined in an official order issued to educational institutions.

This decision aligns with previous administrative measures undertaken by the Jalandhar administration to ensure the smooth flow of Nagar Kirtan. Earlier directives included the temporary closure of liquor and meat shops along the procession route, emphasizing the community-wide significance of the religious procession.

Amidst these community-centric preparations, schools and colleges in Jalandhar are set to observe a half-day tomorrow, allowing students and staff to participate in the Nagar Kirtan celebrations and pay homage to the revered teachings of Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji.

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