Tragic Accident on Rupnagar Bypass: Canter Collides with Bus, Claims Canter Driver's Life

Rozana Spokesman  | Amanat Thaper

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Fatal Collision on Sutlej River Bridge Results in Emergency Rescue Operation


RUPNAGAR: A Devastating accident occurred on the Rupnagar bypass towards Nawanshahr road as a cantor collided with a stationary private bus on the Sutlej river bridge. The impact of the collision was so severe that the cantor was completely mangled, leading to a challenging rescue operation where the driver's body had to be extracted after cutting through the wreckage.

The Tragic Incident involved a cantor and a stationary private bus on the Sutlej river bridge in Rupnagar. The cantor, driven by Jatinder Kumar, son of Radhe Shyam hailing from Uttar Pradesh, collided with the bus from behind. The collision was so forceful that the cantor suffered extensive damage, making it necessary to cut through the wreckage to retrieve the driver's body.

Rohit, a relative of the cantor driver and a witness to the incident, conveyed that the cantor struck the stationary bus on the Sutlej river bridge. The bus had neither its indicators nor parking lights illuminated at the time of the accident. Onlookers quickly alerted the authorities, prompting the dispatch of police and an ambulance to the scene.

Tragically, the driver, Jitinder, was trapped within the cantor and could only be freed after a meticulous rescue operation involving cutting through the cantor's wreckage. Regrettably, by the time the rescue was completed, the driver had succumbed to his injuries. Inspector Pawan Kumar, the SHO of Rupnagar, confirmed the unfortunate incident and stated that a case has been filed against the bus driver. The investigation into the accident is ongoing in the matter.