Patiala Administration Enforces No-Drone Zone within 500 Meters of Nabha Jail

Rozana Spokesman

News, Punjab

Security Measures Strengthened as Drones Raise Concerns of Illicit Activities Near Prisons

No-Drone Zone

PATIALA: In Response to concerning activities involving suspicious individuals near Nabha Jail, the district administration in Patiala has taken decisive action by designating a no-drone zone encompassing a 500-meter radius around the penitentiary. The Additional District Magistrate, Jagjit Singh, issued the directive, citing an advisory from the Director General of Police, Punjab, to bolster security in the vicinity.

With a rise in criminal activities utilizing drones for transportation of contraband between locations, security protocols are being compromised. The potential threat of drones being employed for delivering illicit items such as drugs, mobile phones, weapons, aiding inmate escapes, or even facilitating terrorist attacks cannot be overlooked. To mitigate these risks, a strict ban on drone operations within 500 meters above and around the jail premises has been imposed.

Previously, youthful individuals were spotted around Nabha Jail, attempting to fly drones. The jail administration, with the assistance of staff, swiftly intervened to manage the situation. However, when the reasons behind their drone flights remained unsatisfactorily explained, the individuals were handed over to the police for further investigation.

Several individuals, totaling over three, were apprehended during these incidents and are believed to be from areas surrounding Chandigarh, in addition to Patiala. Authorities witnessed a drone flying over the jail on a Friday afternoon, though no visible attachments were observed on the drone. Given the continuous flight pattern of the drone around the jail premises, the jail administration promptly dispatched staff to address the situation. The youths were successfully apprehended, operating the drone via remote control.